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  • OUT OF INNOCENCE: A poignant Film based on true life events at the turn of the century. Currently in Post Production.
  • SHOOTING FOR SOCRATES: John Hannah, Conleth Hill, Nico Mirallegro, Art Parkinson, Richard Dormer

Casting for a series of six Drama Documentaries-details below

Here are the initial characters I am looking for: more to follow:

Male:Aged 34- bald-( if you have hair please let me know if you would get it shaved!) Medium stocky medium build

Latest news: Will be starting on an exciting new Film soon

News from Gillian

Hi all,

Am starting work on the very early stages on a Feature Film- just getting a name attached and then we shoul

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Time goes on. So whatever you’re going to do, do it. Do it now. Don’t wait. – Robert DeNiro

Man City v’s Arsenal – on Sunday!

Casting Call

Hi there,

I am working on 6 drama documentaries and am looking for an assortment of actors: Please email submissions to:

I am looking for unknown actors-ie not in any soaps or prominent tv show/commercials.

Please send me an ident clip of yourself to the above email address along with your photo and c.v.

1.Male: White-aged 34-medium to stocky build.Working class Dublin Accent.Blue eyes-receding hairline-balding-or close shaven head.

2.Male.White aged 34-big burley build.Very short tight hair.Limerick working class accent.

3.Male White 33-aged 33-short light brown hair.Slim to medium build-fair skinned- has a small goatee and moustache.Blue eyes.

4.Male-aged 21-limerick accent-plump-short brown hair-hazel eyes.

5.Male-white- aged 23-brown eyes -Limerick accent-stocky build

6.Male White-aged 28-Birmingham accent-double chin-shaved head-heavy set build.

7. Female-white-aged 46-blond haired-Limerick accent-glamorous

Thought for the day


Out of Innocence 2016 Feature Film

An incredible story of injustice, prejudice, state bias, religious dogma, tragedy and the power of family and law. Based on real events in 20th century Ireland.

Fluent German speakers wanted for Feature shooting 2016

Hi there
We are looking for fluent German Speakers all ages- please email with photo and C.V.