Casting Call


Hi there,

I am working on 6 drama documentaries and am looking for an assortment of actors: Please email submissions to:

I am looking for unknown actors-ie not in any soaps or prominent tv show/commercials.

Please send me an ident clip of yourself to the above email address along with your photo and c.v.

1.Male: White-aged 34-medium to stocky build.Working class Dublin Accent.Blue eyes-receding hairline-balding-or close shaven head.

2.Male.White aged 34-big burley build.Very short tight hair.Limerick working class accent.

3.Male White 33-aged 33-short light brown hair.Slim to medium build-fair skinned- has a small goatee and moustache.Blue eyes.

4.Male-aged 21-limerick accent-plump-short brown hair-hazel eyes.

5.Male-white- aged 23-brown eyes -Limerick accent-stocky build

6.Male White-aged 28-Birmingham accent-double chin-shaved head-heavy set build.

7. Female-white-aged 46-blond haired-Limerick accent-glamorous